Home Maintenance Tips for this Fall Season


Fall has arrived! September 22 marks the first official day of Fall. With each new season your home goes through changes in temperatures and weather conditions. In order to keep all of the components of your home running smoothly, and to avoid costly repairs, it is helpful to conduct seasonal maintenance actions every season. Here are ten helpful tips to prepare your home for Fall:

  • Examine gutters & downspouts for any debris.
  • Check windows and doors for drafts.
  • Make sure the roof is in good shape.
  • Have humidifier and furnace serviced.
  • Test and change batteries in your smoke & carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Drain garden hoses & store them inside. Shut off water valves so they don’t freeze.
  • Fertilize the lawn to ensure healthy grass in the Spring.
  • Check supports, stairs & railings on porches & decks.
  • Clean porch & deck furniture. Cover and store inside.

Have you gotten started on your home checklist yet? What other helpful tips do you have?



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