Back to school safety tips



Tuesday is the day the kids go back to school. It’s hard to believe that summer is over, but what great one we had!

Sending your kids out into the world on their own can be scary for both you and your children, regardless of their age. The back to school process may be overwhelming, but with some preparation, planning and safety guidelines you can protect yourself and your children from many potential issues.

Travelling to and from school safely – Depending on the age of your children and the distance from home to school, you will have to take different precautions. One tip that can help kids stay safe during their trips to and from school is to take note of potential hazards and plan for them. For example, if your children have to cross a busy road to get to school, you’ll want to take this opportunity to teach your children about traffic safety.

Keeping your children safe online-Your children are going to use the Internet. They are going to use it a lot, and likely more than you do. In addition to going online to study and conduct research for school, they will also spend a great deal of time online socializing and entertaining themselves. While it may seem tempting to restrict your child’s internet access, it may not be realistic.  You can keep your computer in a public are of the house, discuss online safety, and discuss that anything they post online can easily become public, whether or not they have privacy setting on their account.

Safe and Healthy School Lunches- Lunches and snacks during the school day are a major source of the essential vitamins and nutrients that children need to grow and develop. However, if you don’t also make lunches appealing to children, your kids won’t eat them.  It is important to find nutritious foods that your kids like. One way to do this is to involve them in the lunch-making process. Why not check out the Caledon Farmers’ Market, Open this Saturday!

Bullying: At School and Online- Bullying is a huge problem and, with more interactions taking place online, so-called “cyber bullying” is becoming a large issue as well. Anyone can be bullied at any ages and it can be incredibly hurtful and dangerous.  It can be physical or emotional and people can be seriously hurt. It is important that you teach your children about bullying and let them know it is never okay.

Have a Great Long weekend and a Great New school year!

How will you keep your kids safe? Let us know!





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