Back to School

Back to pencils, back to books, but hopefully not teacher’s looks! That’s right, it’s that time of year again! Back to School! It can be overwhelming, but exciting at the same time, so be prepared! Make sure to enroll your kids for the 2012-2013 school year to make sure they don’t miss out on the excitement and all the fun learning ahead.

Local Elementary Schools:

Caledon East Public School – 905-584-2701

St. Cornelius Catholic Elementary – 905-584-2245

Local High Schools:

Robert F. Hall Catholic High School – 905-584-1670

Humberview Public High School – 905-857-0771

Also, check out these tips for parents to help kids return to school ready to make great grades:

  • Reach Out: To your child’s teacher, find out which skills are necessary for your child to have in order to succeed academically in the coming year. The teacher may also be able to give you insight into which areas your child needs to work on in order to be proficient in the next grade level.
  • Keep em Reading: Encourage your child to read at least an hour each day by offering them reading materials directly related to his/her interests and appropriate for his/her reading level. Engage kids in activities such as summer reading programs for young children at the library. Check out the programs that The Caledon Public Library  has to offer.
  • Priorities Priorities: It sounds simple, but kids don’t naturally know how to set priorities and goals and this key skill is often overlooked in school
  • Time Management: Basic time-management skills include taking small steps to reduce the need for cramming for exams. Teaching kids how taking a little time each day to study for a major test or project can save them from getting stressed out later.
  • Keep em focused: Help your student make a list of time-wasters that can eat away productivity such as watching TV (keep the TV off during study hours). If your student is bombarded with phone calls, text messages, or emails teach them to turn off their phone and close their email when studying.

Following these tips with help your child be successful this coming school year. What tips will you be sharing with your children? Share them with us!


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