Schools in Caledon East Impart Excellent Values

Students at Robert F. Hall Catholic Secondary School wear
pink for a good reason.

As a parent, you no doubt want your children to grow up in a safe neighbourhood that encourages physical activity. Most likely, you also want them to attend an excellent school — one that not only teaches math or languages but also imparts solid values.

On all counts, Pathways is a clear winner. It’s not just designed to encourage hiking, walking, and jogging among other physical pursuits, but it’s also steps away from St. Cornelius Elementary School and the Robert F. Hall Catholic Secondary School (the latter being right across the street).

From left to right: student Mark-Anthony, Coach Horton, Headwaters
Health Care Foundation Board Member Kathy Armstrong, and
 students Alexis and Riley. 

For an example of the kinds of values your children will learn at Robert F. Hall, look out the window (if you’ve already moved into your Pathways home). You might see boys playing soccer while wearing pink jerseys.

The reason for this colourful and uncommon uniform? They are raising awareness of breast cancer.

Most importantly, according to the Caledon Citizen, it was the boys’ idea to wear the pink jerseys.

What’s more, the boys are helping raise money to help fight this disease, with all proceeds going to Headwaters Health Care’s cancer program.

How old are your children? What values would you like them to learn at school?

Images courtesy of SNAP Caledon. 


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