Caledon Public Library to Help With New Year’s Resolutions

Now that the New Year is almost here, have you given any thought to New Year’s resolutions?

Often laughed at, New Year’s resolutions signal a noble desire to improve ourselves. For many people, the main problem stems from wanting to do too much in too little time — and without a proper plan.

Did you know getting healthier is one of
the most common New Year resolutions? Luckily,
at Pathways you will always have an
opportunity to walk, hike, or jog outside.

To help you accomplish your goals, the Caledon Public Library created the A Year to New You program, which comprises unique workshops hosted throughout the library’s branches.

Were you ever interested in learning creative writing? How about decluttering your life? Or exploring your family tree? In fact, how about a workshop fully dedicated to sticking to your resolutions, whatever they may be?

All of these workshops will be available beginning on January 2012. They begin at 7 pm and will cost you absolutely nothing. Check out the brochure here (PDF).

Meanwhile, we wish you a very happy New Year!


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