Caledon East is a great place to raise a family and lead a happy life

Of course, this doesn’t mean Caledon can’t be made even better. Every place can. To do that, Andrea Prieur and Jacqui Viane founded, some four years ago, a not-for-profit group of local business owners and residents.

(These include Gabe Giraldi of the Caledon East Home Bakery, John Tomasone of Automotive Maintenance, Chris Merkley of Merkley Designs, Adriana Roche of Gourmandissimos, and a few other residents.)

Called the Caledon East Revitalization Committee (CERC), the group’s events have been featured in our blog before, including the recent Spooky Spaghetti dinner.

We sat down with Andrea to learn what CERC is about and how it can improve Caledon East further.

Pathways: Exactly how do you aim to improve the downtown core? What changes would you like to see in the future, in addition to banners and plants? 

Andrea: Right now with our small budget, we are focusing on fulfilling our original commitment of banners and flowers — more of both is important to businesses and residents alike. You will also see that our summer plants will be repotted to have festive Christmas plantings and will be dropped at local businesses.

We have [also] applied for a Community Improvement Plan to help local businesses spruce up their buildings with government funding. We have talked about renewing an old concept of Trailway Day where the businesses would set up sidewalk sales and Airport Rd was actually closed down to host everyone.

We would like to see some collaboration of businesses to be able to advertise and offer their specialties together to the community. For example, I have taught a discounted CPR course to residents, John from the auto shop has offered to teach a class to women on changing oil, we have offered dinner clubs and so on.

We would like to further spruce up our bridge in town, and there has always been talk of a more defined green area, benches, more garbage and recycling [bins], collaborative map for business location, and so much more.

P: How do you feel the Committee’s efforts would affect Pathways residents?

A: I really think that the committee is truly welcoming the new residents of our town.

Lucky us to have CERC in town!


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