Your Local Library is About to Get Better

It’s about more than  just books. 

The Caledon Library has always been a great place for you and your family to have fun and learn. And with a branch right in Caledon East, just across the street from Pathways, making the most of this fantastic resource has never been easier.

But having a library just steps from your home isn’t the only great thing. Because this fall, the Caledon Library has set about increasing its visual presence, appeal, recognition and profile.

This month, for example, has been dubbed the Love Your Library Month, with the library unveiling a new logo, a new library card, and a new website in the next few days.

Meanwhile, as we said before, you can find all kind of books at your branch, including audio books, books for teens in French and Italian, and comic books as well as music CDs and DVDs.

Moreover, you can access government services, scripts, art displays, or workshops, and enroll your children or teens in different programs. Check this month’s events here.

Do you think the Caledon Library is on the right track? Do you use your local branch often?

Caledon East Public Library

Hours: Mon, Fri 9 am-3 pm; Tue-Thu 9 am-8:30 pm; Sat 10 am-4 pm

Address: Robert F Hall Secondary School 6500 Old Church Rd Caledon East, ON L7C 0H3 (right across the street from Pathways!)

Phone: 905-584-1456




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