Eat Local Caledon is Here

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The transition from summer to fall. Labour Day. The back-to-school season. September is known for these things and more—none of which involve food.

But in Caledon, September is also known for Eat Local Caledon, a month-long initiative dedicated to celebrating, supporting and strengthening Caledon’s local food and farming system.

In other words, September in Caledon is a great month to eat to your heart’s content.

But that’s not all—Eat Local Caledon is also the perfect time to take cooking lessons, go on wine tastings, tour farms, and learn about hobbies such as canning.

Another major feature of Eat Local Caledon is the Seven-Day Challenge, which encourages you to eat local for a week. Download the form here (and don’t forget to hand it in for an Eat Local prize).

Some of the participating venues are:

 Caledon Hills Coffee Company: 15980 Airport Rd. Unit 1, Caledon East, 905-860-1500. Daily specials featuring local produce and local meats, baked goods with local flour, honey, and maple syrup and more.

 Howard the Butchers: 15980 Airport Rd., Caledon East, 905-584-2934. Fresh breads and buns made to order (white, whole wheat, cinnamon, egg and more), seasonal vegetables and fruits, maple syrup, goat cheese and more.

 Foodland – Caledon East: 15771 Airport Rd., Caledon East, 905-584-9677. Strawberries, cucumber, potatoes, rhubarb, honey, Goodness Me! pies, flowers and more.

 Gourmandissimo Catering and Fine Foods: 16023 Airport Rd., Caledon East, 905-584-0005. Honey, baked goods made from local fruits and vegetables, pies, and chutney.

 Tea Boutique: 15958 Airport Rd., Caledon East, 905-584-7227. Herbal tisanes with locally grown or foraged ingredients, monthly specials that feature local, seasonal ingredients, soups, baked goods and more.

 Albion Orchards: 14800 Innis Lake Rd., Caledon East, 905-584-0354. Season August-December. Local products. Pick-your-own of already-picked apples, apple cider, pumpkins, Christmas trees, sauces and preserves.

 Awesome Blossom: 17221 Airport Rd., Caledon East, 905-584-5691. Seasonal vegetables and fruits, corn, baked goods, flowers, and honey.

 Rock Garden Farms: 6390 Airport Rd., Caledon East, 905-584-9461. Strawberries (June), rhubarb (May-June), corn (Aug.), squash (fall), pies, turnovers, tarts, breads, pumpkins, garlic, eggs, herbs and vegetables from other local farmers, greens from Caledon Farm, preserves, dog biscuits, tomato sauce, jams, cured meats, honey, pesto, and more.

 The Consulate Dining Lounge: 15430 Innis Lake Rd., Caledon East, 905-584-6868. Read our blog post about the Consulate here.

Now it’s your turn! Have you been to any of these venues? Which one’s your favourite?


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