One More Reason Why Your Kids Will Love Pathways

Olivia Playing Soccer

At Pathways, you’ll always have an easy time enjoying the outdoors, thanks to our butterfly garden, winding pathways, and two parks (not to mention all the wonderful neighbouring trails).

What about your kids, though? They too should enjoy strolling along a beautiful pathway, but as you well know, younger bodies need to spend a lot of energy.

Not to worry. In addition to the nearby Caledon Community Complex (which we blogged about here), Pathways is also conveniently located next to the Caledon East Soccer Complex, where your kids are sure to have fun and burn all that extra energy away.

Check out the website of the Caledon Soccer Club, which features 1,100 members and services the entire Caledon area. The Club accepts boys and girls younger than 11 years of age and up to 21 years old for men (the maximum age for girls is 16).

Do your children play soccer or have they expressed a desire to do so? What are their favourite outdoor activities? 


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