Tips For a Successful Back-To-School Season

First Day of School

Your children may not realize it, but the back-to-school season involves a lot of work for you too. Our handy tips ensure that you have a fun and relaxed time helping them make the best of school.

 • Add vaccinations to your checklist. Besides reducing the odds of your children getting sick (and missing class), you might also want to update their immunization record online—you’ll be notified if Peel Public Health needs more information for the children to meet immunization requirements.

Make lunch prep easy on yourself. Prepare a chart of your child’s favourite foods and post it on the fridge next to Canada’s Food Guide. Scanning both lists in the morning will help you put together a healthy menu that your children will be sure to enjoy.

So, did we enjoy our first day at school then?

 • Get them involved. It also pays off to get your kids involved in prepping their food—they will not only enjoy it better, but might also want to help out with dinner at the end of the day! (Check this site for more handy food-related tips.)

 • Ease the trip. If your children are going to a new school, consider taking them there a week or so before class begins. Familiarizing them with the sights and sounds that they will encounter will reduce their anxiety on the first day. And if you learn of any interesting spots on the way, be sure to point them out to your children—this too will ease their tension as well as spark their imagination.

 • Talk about it. Once school begins, set aside some time at the end of the day to share both your workday and your children’s school day stories. This will help them appreciate the importance of going to school.

 What are your favourite tips for back-to-school season?


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