At Pathways, Protecting the Environment Equals Protecting Your Pocketbook

You probably think helping the environment requires a lot of work, or even worse, that it’s going to make you part with more of your hard-earned dollars.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Not with a Pathways home.

Forest Green, our green mascot, is always looking for ways to save 
you cash and relieve the pressure on the environment.

At Pathways, homes aren’t just Energy Star-qualified with third-party evaluation and labelling—they also come with all the other benefits of our unique Save “Green” program. Specifically designed to help preserve the environment as well as your savings account, this program ensures your home is extremely efficient from an energy point of view.

Your home will have a built-in Cent-a-Meter, an innovative device that displays the real-time usage of electricity on a portable, easy-to-read LCD monitor inside your home. That way, you’ll never have to wonder where your money goes or where energy is being needlessly sapped.

Here are some of the other green features you’ll get with your Pathways home:

• Solar ready rough-in so you can make money by selling energy back to the grid
• Energy-efficient fluorescent lighting
• Water conserving toilets, faucets and showers
• Low-e argon high-performance windows
• Higher energy-efficient insulation
• Insulated steel or fibreglass front entry door
• Foam insulation around windows and doorways
• Tight construction and better draft proofing
• High-efficiency furnace
• High-efficiency hot water tank
• Heat recovery ventilator (HRV), which provides fresh air and improved climate control for your home, while also saving energy by reducing heating costs
• Programmable thermostat
• Drain water heat recovery unit

Do you have any questions about energy-efficiency at your Pathways home? Post it in the comments section below!



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