How to Earn a Beer and a Burger This Long Weekend

Midvale Company operator Machion unloading a wheelbarrel full of charcoal at the Open Hearth Furnace Yard, July 1, 1946

Ask anyone what their plans are for the long weekend, and the words “barbecue,” “picnic,” or “camping” are likely to be uttered.

Some of us, however, can’t travel this weekend, be it because of overdue work, family visits, or simply out of a desire to avoid bumper-to-bumper traffic and crowds.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend the weekend watching reruns or following the same old weekend routine. Instead, take some time to perform summer maintenance on your home.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Whether you’re upgrading to a Pathways home from an older home, or purchasing one as your first home, you should do certain maintenance tasks during summer, in addition to the better-known spring- and winter-maintenance tasks.

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has posted this handy cheat sheet on its website. Some of the most important summer tips include:

1. Inspect window putty on outside of glass panes of older houses, and replace if needed.

2. Sand and touch up paint on windows and doors.

3. Lubricate garage door hardware, and ensure it is operating properly.

4. Check exterior wood siding and trim for signs of deterioration; clean, replace or refinish as needed.

Spend a couple of hours doing these important tasks and you’ll end up a satisfied, proud, tanned, and hungry homeowner—one who definitely deserves to sit down for a beer and a burger.


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