Interview with Pathways’ iPad Contest Winner

A few months ago, we decided we would show our appreciation to our Facebook friends. We held a simple contest: all you had to do was go to Pathways’ page and post a photo of your family at home. Doing so gave you the opportunity to win a brand-new iPad.

The contest proved popular. Many of you posted endearing pictures of yourselves and family members at home. And although we were touched by all the entries and by your willingness to participate, one picture stood out as a clear winner: Virginia Donati’s “Baby Violet cleaning house,” which got 142 “likes” and 40 comments.

It’s easy to see why. Who can resist a picture of a cute baby sticking a Swiffer below a TV set? (We all love to see our kids cleaning, right?)

To celebrate the end of the contest (Virginia picked up her iPad on Monday), here’s a short interview with her.  Meanwhile, if you haven’t done it already, remember to “like” us on Facebook to stay up to date!

Pathways: Did you expect to win this contest?

Virginia: I didn’t expect to win, but I sure hoped that I would! It was really exciting for me to see how many people liked Violet’s photo!

P: Some would say Violet is the true star of this contest. Do you plan on letting her use the iPad?

V: I don’t know about letting Violet use the iPad just yet; her favourite thing to do right now is to throw…

P: What made you enter the contest?

V: Back in January, my husband was holding Violet and his laptop when he tripped. He had to drop one of them, and thankfully he dropped the computer and not the baby! I entered the contest to give the iPad to him for Valentine’s Day. I didn’t know at the time that the contest would close in May, but now it will make a great Father’s Day present!

P: How did you find out about the Pathways Facebook page?

V: I found out about the page through an advertisement in the Brampton Guardian. I was interested in the development as soon as I heard about it and wanted to make sure that I got all the newest info about Pathways as it became available!

P: Do you typically “like” brands on Facebook?

V: I don’t “like” things too often on Facebook. I don’t like my wall to be too busy with ads, so I only “like” things that I really want to know about.

P: Had you taken the picture before and decided to use it, or did you take it expressly for the contest?

V: We happened to catch that candid moment by accident and thought it would be the perfect family moment to enter with!

P: How do you plan on using the iPad?

V: Although he knows about it now and it won’t be a surprise, the iPad is still a gift for my husband. I’m sure he’ll enjoy it…as long as he doesn’t hold it at the same time he’s holding Violet!


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