9 Easy Steps to Prep Your Home Against Hay Fever

Blue skies. Sunshine. Green everywhere. Unfortunately, these are not the only things that come with spring. For as many as 10 million Canadians, spring is also synonymous with hay fever.

Here’s how you can prep your home to reduce all that sneezing and swollen eye-rubbing.

1. Close the windows and turn on the air conditioner. Prevention is key. It pays off to keep allergens outside of your home rather than cope with them.

2. Not keen on keeping your home shut throughout spring? Turn on your air filter. Air filters seem to eliminate pollen better. That’s because pollen is airborne, unlike dust mites or cat dander. Make sure yours is equipped with a HEPA filter.

3. Dust mites love carpets, so get rid of wall-to-wall carpeting. Use washable throws if you must, or consider going bare. The hardwood floor, not you.

4. Use washable curtains made of plain cotton or synthetic fabric. Replace horizontal blinds with washable roller-type shades.

5. Anti-allergy bedding has been shown to have little effect. Rather than shelling more money to replace your bedding, change sheets and pillowcases more frequently.

6. Wash bedding, curtains, and towels in hot water reaching at least 54 degrees Celsius.

7. Use the dryer instead of the line. Allergens will stick to your laundry if left outdoors.

8. Dust bookshelves and furniture with a damp microfibre cloth or a Swiffer.

9. Vacuum often, using a HEPA filter-equipped vacuum cleaner. And consider wearing a dust mask while cleaning. Even better, get your significant other to do the cleaning. You now have a medical excuse to relax.


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