The Cheltenham Badlands: One More Reason to Live in Caledon East

(Photo via

If you want to show your kids what walking on Mars must feel like, you can’t do much better than to show them some sci-fi movie.
Or can you?
Nestled in the Caledon Hills, the Cheltenham Badlands are a bizarre spectacle of a terrain that’s considered to be one of the world’s wonders. And so it should: trekking across the red bare hills, you would be excused for thinking you’ve been flown across space and onto the red planet.
In reality, there’s nothing alien about the Cheltenham Badlands. They are just areas of soft rock, devoid of vegetation and soil cover, which have become molded over time into undulating hills and gullies. But the end result is nothing short of spectacular, and it will make living in Caledon East all the more fun.
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