Caledon is the Greenest, Safest Town!

We recently posted on Pathways’ Facebook page that Caledon is Canada’s safest city – no small feat! In addition to its reputation for being secure, wholesome, and risk-free, Caledon also has a reputation for being green.

Caledon won the award for “Greenest Town in Ontario” in 2003, and since then continues to innovate with new improvements and initiatives, and a strong focus on sustainability. The town has its own Environmental Progress Officer, and an Energy and Environment Coordinator. Caledon uses many sources of renewable energy, and focuses other initiatives on eliminating use of pesticides, woodlands and tree seedling programs, greenhouse gas reduction, and lots more. To learn about Caledon’s green programs and projects, and for a list of local community environmental groups, read more on the Town of Caledon’s website.

Pathways itself is a green community, with homes that are built to be energy-efficient and environmentally responsible. Every home is ENERGY STAR-qualified, the international gold star of energy-efficient design. (Read about the features and benefits here.) We’re giving every homeowner a Cent-a-meter in their new home, so you can track your energy consumption in real time and change your use accordingly. New homes at Pathways also come with a solar-ready rough-in, so you can get solar panels with PURE Energies and make money by selling power back to the grid. The best part about being green is that you save so much money being energy-efficient, while helping the environment as well!


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